Five buses of socially endangered children on summer vacation

This summer, the humanitarian project of ‘Winking to the sun’ takes five buses of children from socially vulnerable families as well as those with special needs to experience the holiday at sea. In cooperation with the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth and the OMV loyalty club members, OMV Slovenia was collecting loyalty points in February and then donate them to the Association. OMV Slovenia and the loyalty club members managed to raise over nine million loyalty points.

OMV Slovenia marked the fourth birthday of the OMV SMILE & DRIVE loyalty club in a charity spirit. They ensured its club members to donate their loyalty points received at each purchase at any of the 106 OMV service stations throughout Slovenia. The historic number of collected loyalty points surprised the director of OMV Slovenia, Vanja Lombar: “I can proudly say that this year’s campaign of collecting OMV SMILE & DRIVE points was extremely successful, as we collected the record number of loyalty points. It is truly inspiring to see how our generous members are ready to help those who really need it. I’m glad that we once again showed that we care, that we want to help as many as possible and that already a little attention can contribute to a better life of a child in need.”

The donation of OMV Slovenia and the OMV SMILE & DRIVE loyalty club members positively surprised the Slovenian Association of Friends of Youth. “A humanitarian program of ‘Winking to the sun’ (Pomežik soncu®) ensuring free holidays for children and adolescents from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, is one of the most important programs where the Association it trying to ensure the conditions for a healthy development of children and adolescents, which is why they find it of great importance. With the help of the ‘Let’s send the children’s smiles to a holiday’ charity campaign, we will be able to make more children and adolescents happy this year, so we would like to thank OMV Slovenia and all those who participated”, said the Association’s President Darja Groznik.

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