A comeback on the race tracks

Goodyear has returned to the international world of sportscar racing after a 13-year break. Its latest racing tires, which have undergone 12,000 kilometres of testing on seven racetracks around the world, have been baptized by fire on the Silverstone opening race of FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC). Three great racing teams raced using these tires in the highly competitive class of LMP2 prototype cars, and their results announced a fierce fight for the winning positions in the 2019/2020 season.

Goodyear has chosen FIA World Endurance Championship for its return to the international automotive racing world, where it competes in the LMP2 category. There is an exceptional competition in this category not only among racing teams, but also among tire manufacturers, as this is the only class with open tire competition this year. At the opening race of the 2019/2020 season, which took place at Silverstone on the first day of September, Goodyear’s latest racing tires have convincingly proven their top performance.

Goodyear has developed four brand new race tire specifications to kick off the season, which includes a total of eight races. With extremely demanding conditions in races ranging from 4 to 24 hours, Goodyear primarily focused on tire versatility and superior performance when designing the tires. This was achieved with a brand new structure for a dry surface, while development of a tire intended for a wet surface was dictated by the introduction of new technologies, which provide all that is needed to win in the rain. Goodyear was extensively testing the tires on 12,000 kilometres of tracks at seven racetracks across the globe, aiming to test them in as many different conditions and temperatures as possible.

Jackie Chan DC Racing, Jota Sport and High Class Racing teams chose the Goodyear tires, finishing fourth, fifth and seventh after a close fight in unpredictable weather conditions. The race was marked by a relentlessly fast pace, as the lap times were more than three seconds shorter than last year. The next chance for a fight in the racing arena is already on 6 October, when the FIA ​​WEC world caravan moves to Fuji, Japan.

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