A new strategic cooperation of Slovenian road transporters

The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia and OMV Slovenija have concluded an agreement on business cooperation. The strategic cooperation is concluded for the next two years and represents the basis of OMV Slovenija’s support of the Transport Section at the Chamber, which helps its more than 3,000 Transport Section members with its road transport management activities. 

OMV’s strategic cooperation with the Transport Section of the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Sloveniaas one of its largest professional sections brings many benefits to the Section members. This is primarily about providing cashless payment services for the needs of fuel retail and wholesale business, as well as supplying road transporters that have their own internal service stations. The OMV business card with the ROUTEX function enables the holder to make a single cash payment when purchasing goods and services at more than 2,000 OMV service stations and more than 20,000 ROUTEX partner services in Slovenia and other EU countries. The card with the ROUTEX function also allows road transporters to pay tolls and other services of interest.

Vanja Lombar, Managing Director of OMV Slovenija, points out: “From a business point of view and support to the logistics activity that drives Slovenian export-oriented economy, strategic cooperation with the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Sloveniais a natural next step in our work in the field of inter-organizational marketing. This strategic partnership opens the door to new opportunities for the Chamber’s Transport Section members as the Section is one of the key ones not only in the structure of the Chamber, but also plays a role in forming national business policies, especially in the field of road transport. We will offer a tailor made cooperation to the companies that are the Transport Section members according to the legality of the business of each Section member.”

With the business solutions we provide to legal entities in Slovenia and abroad, we facilitate the day-to-day operations related to the transportation of goods and persons, and at the same time execute the Chamber’s outlined strategic goals as we also are the member of the Transport Section.

Peter Pišek, President of the Transport Section at the Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia, adds: “Connecting the road transporters and their key suppliers is of utmost importance for our Transport Section.
The cooperation with OMV Slovenija can in the second phase be extended to all members of our Chamber, where I see great potential as a Section president and a vice-president of the Chamber. The agreement will help our members and support the Section in its work as it will enable us to form working conditions more easily, which will provide the Section members with the best possible professional and responsive service of a wide range. The Transport Section will also represent the transporters’ interests in forming legislation, gaining incentives and development of our logistics industry, which is of utmost importance to our economy. In the spirit of such connections, a Meeting of Transport Families and Companies of Slovenia will take place in September, which has already grown into a holiday for everyone involved in the road transport process. I thank OMV Slovenija and its management for supporting our efforts and congratulate them on our joint project, which I am sure will be successful in our mutual satisfaction and benefit.”

It will enable us to build on our mutual interests, help each other in our work and efforts. It will benefit us all in the long run.

Close cooperation brings opportunities for cooperation in various fields and for building mutually effective partnerships. The OMV Group, and thus OMV Slovenia, is committed to actively engaging in the formation of the society and economic environment, both in Slovenia and the region it operates in. The Chamber of Craft and Small Business of Slovenia and its members, joined in the Transport Section of the Chamber, is a strong and competent interlocutor of the state institutions in formulating transport policy and transport regulations, and effectively represents the interests of the profession in this important industry both at home and abroad.

Tilen Lamut


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