A unique tire for a concept autonomous vehicle

Goodyear created a special C100 concept tire, that was specifically designed for the Citroën 19_19 concept electric vehicle, which marks the Citroën’s 100thanniversary. The C100 concept tire is envisaged to deliver the comfort and smart performance this unique vehicle requires.

Goodyear’s C100’s unique design and innovative features are specifically designed for the Citroën 19_19 autonomous electric vehicle. The latter delivers comfort and smart performance in the field of electric mobility as well as maximum comfort and efficiency, and the intelligence that autonomous vehicles require. Citroën 19_19 was created on the occasion of this automotive manufacturer’s 100th anniversary to offer the drivers exclusivity, comfort and privacy.

Goodyear’s C100 tires boast many innovative features. The concept thus provides for the use of advanced sensor technologies, which sense road surface and weather conditions and communicate with the vehicle control system. The tires would also feature advanced active wear technology to assess the state of the tire, allowing for proactive tire maintenance.

A unique tire with unique attributes

The C100 measures nearly one meter in diameter, which is 40cm more than an average tire. This “tall and narrow” structure would deliver efficiency, comfort and performance benefits on wet surface, while the lower rolling resistance would increase the energy efficiency. The tire tread design is custom-made with nearly 100 more blocks in its tread band than the average tire, therefore would deliver a far quieter ride. The C100’s tread groove compound is inspired by the attributes of a natural sponge. With its ability to stiffen in the dry or soften in the wet, this adaptable tread would enhance handling, grip and braking in both conditions.

Although the C100 is a purely conceptual design, Goodyear is already supplying some of its featured technologies, such as the “tall and narrow” structure, while others, such as the intelligent tire capabilities, are yet to be developed.

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