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Most tires are not installed on the vehicle at least a part of the year, so they need to be carefully stored during the time of non-use, if they are to serve us for a long time. We must pay attention to ensure that the storage is suitable, as it will only retain the tires’ characteristics and thereby prolong their lifetime. In doing so, you will definitely benefit from Goodyear’s experts’ advice on how to take care of your tires when not using them.

When changing summer tires with winter ones or vice versa, it is most important to clearly indicate their position on the car. This way, you will know when reinstalling, which side and which axis the tire was on. Your mechanic for tires and vulcanisationwill then install the front left tire on the rear left axle and the rear tire on the front axle. He will do the same on the right side of the vehicle to make sure all tires are equally worn.

Before storing your tires, clean them of dirt and remove pebbles and similar items that could damage or in any way affect the shape of the tread. Store them in a dark, dry and cool place (not in a warm boiler room), as exposure to daylight, especially UV rays, is detrimental. Also contact with oils, lubricants, varnishes or fuels may be harmful to your tires.

Tires mounted on rims
If you store tires mounted on the rims, reduce air pressure before storing them, but do not empty them completely. Do not store tires on rims in an upright position, but hang them on the brackets to prevent any load on them during the storage. If you do not have this option, place them on the side and put them one on the other, but make sure that the stack of tires is not higher than 1.5 meters. They should be rearranged once a month to change the tire at the bottom.

Tires without rims
Store the tires removed from the rims side by side in an upright position, leaving some space between them. It is advisable to roll them every four weeks in order to make sure they keep their shape.

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