New range of truck tires for more mileage

Dunlop launches a brand-new range of SP346 and SP446 trucks tires offering high mileage, better fuel efficiency, strong traction and exceptional durability. A total of 20 new tyres in all are also intended for electric and hybrid vehicles.

The new range of truck tires consists of the SP346 steer tire and SP446 drive tire lines each comprise six sizes for 17.5” rims and four for 19.5” making a total of 20 new tyres in all. They represent Dunlop’s answer to future changes of mobility, including stricter winter tire regulations and the increasing use of hybrid and electric vehicles.

The SP346 and SP446 tires are much more robust compared to their predecessors, providing better traction and durability in all applications, less fuel consumption and reduced noise level. The new products feature latest design technology with robust casing construction, enabling operational versatility and economic operating costs. A special tread compound formulation provides for high mileage, which is a key advantage for long distance operations and regional distribution as well as in urban applications. The tires prove their versatility by being reliablein all weather conditions, as they meet stringent EU requirements for winter truck tires.

Dunlop SP346steer tire

Besides the listed advantages, the SP346 steer tire features a high density of sipes and radial grooves. The sipes improve the flexibility of the tread blocks and provide a high number of biting edges, while the interlocking zig zag design helps limit rib movement. This means less slip and higher mileage potential with excellent grip on wet and winter roads.  A further feature is the multi-radius shoulder groove design, improving the robustness along with the extended tread life. The variable groove angles provide improved stone ejection; reducing the risk of casing damage and providing good retreadability.

Dunlop SP446 drive tire

A special feature of the SP446 drive tire is a directional pattern treads with optimized angle V-shape grooves effectively evacuating water, mud and snow while the V angle design increases the tread stiffness and resistance against high-torque stresses providing greater traction and robustness. A high number of sipes increases the tread block flexibility and creates additional biting edges in the footprint for increased traction on hard packed snow surfaces. Shoulder tie-bars increase the stiffness of the tread and reinforce the shoulder areas. This reduces block movement and slippage, increasing rib tear resistance in high torque applications and ensuring even shoulder wear. High mileage potential, good traction and reduced rolling resistance are provided thanks to the optimized centreline humps. These humps connect the tread blocks and reduce tread wear for improved late life traction.

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