The first series of DuraShield truck tires

Goodyear has introduced OMNITRAC – a new generation of tires specially developed for vehicles used for mixed services (i.e. dump trucks, cement mixer trucks, concrete pumps and similar freight vehicles) that are faced with difficult conditions on unpaved roads on a daily basis, but mostly operate on roads.

The DuraShield series with a patented technology provides greater robustness and longer service life, and consists of the OMNITRAC S and OMNITRAC S tires. The series is comprised of 10 dimensions (six OMNITRAC S tires for a steering axle and four OMNITRAC D tires for a driving axle), including the 315 / 70R22.5 dimension, which first comes into the segment of mixed transport and includes a growing trend in using standard traction units in this segment. The series is in compliance with 3PMSF, which meets the strictest requirements for winter tires.

The DuraShield technology is used in the form of an innovative upper safety layer in a tire structure. By preventing the penetration of stones or other objects, it provides additional resistance that allows more mileage and more retreadability. In addition, it prevents the entry of water that can cause corrosion of the layers in a carcass. The upper layer is made of non-metallic cord material, first used in tires, also improving their retreadability.

OMNITRAC S with robust 5-rib design with lamellas

OMNITRAC S tires for a steering axle have a robust design with five ribs and lamellae in order to achieve the optimum tyre contact patch and durability. This kind of design provides more mileage, more even wear and good traction. In addition, OMNITRAC S for steering axle is optimized for a use with front driving axles, which includes hydraulic anti-slip systems. The tire is distinguished by the Quickrelease channels, which – by fast release of foreign objects – reduce the retention of stones and provide effective protection against penetration of stones and cracking of channels, which increases the robustness and retreadability of tires.

OMNITRAC D for maintaining traction throughout the tire’s lifetime

The OMNITRAC D tires provide an excellent grip and even wear on all surfaces, enabled by a 3-ribbed tread design with lamellar blocks. A solid centre rib of the tire ensures a high degree of resistance to damage and an even wear in abrasive road conditions, more mileage and better durability of the carcass. A high level of traction throughout the tire’s lifetime and in all road conditions of the OMNITRAC D tire is provided by wide open shoulder channels, which ensure excellent sludge and stones discharging. This increases a resistance to tire chipping and tearing under the torque, even in the operation of the braking device.

Ensuring top retreadability

All OMNITRAC tires have been developed in accordance with Goodyear’s concept of more lives, as their channels can be cut and tread layers restored. This enables commercial vehicle fleets to make the best use of their tires and significantly reduce their costs per kilometre.

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