Top washing and vacuuming for a complete car care

OMV’s wide network of premium car washes throughout Slovenia offers its guests a fast, thorough and extremely safe car washing, which is environmentally friendly, too. All OMV Top Wash car washes are upgraded with a new line of state-of-the-art self-service vacuum cleaners.

OMV provides its guests with a high-quality car-washing and car-drying, while maintaining the value of their vehicles. A wide network of OMV Top Wash car washes throughout Slovenia offers three cleaning programs to make the vehicles thoroughly cleaned, ensuring a first class care and long-term protection. The state-of-the-art washing technology is currently united in a brand-new WashTec car wash tunnel at the OMV Koper Bonifika gasd station, which delivers excellent results for up to 60 cars per hour.

Since both the beautiful exterior and the clean interior are important for a pleasant ride, OMV made possible for its guests to use completely new modern self-service vacuum cleaners at all OMV Top Wash car washes. Their almost twice the suction power, a narrower and more flexible tube, and being very simple to use, the vacuum cleaners make your car’s interior clean and the driving even more pleasurable.

Besides the top car wash programs, OMV also cares for the environment since all car washes are upgraded in accordance with the latest ecological requirements and technical findings, minimizing the negative effects. The OMV Top Wash car washes use up to 80% of recycled water and the chemicals manufactured in accordance with international environmental standards.

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