We witnessed an epic race trilogy in June

In June, three epic races were held in three consecutive weeks: the Isle of Man TT motorcycle spectacle, and the legendary endurance races of Le Mans 24 hours and 24 hours Nürburgring. In the heart of these racing epics, there is a desire to push the limits of possible; therefore Dunlop in its competitive spirit develops tires every year to enable drivers to maximize their capacity. The Dunlop brand, born more than 130 years ago and has only one goal – to win, will deliver and service more than five thousand tires in this race trilogy, together with its teams.

In the modern world of motorsport, marked by ever more stringent regulations and compliance requirements, there are still events that represent epic tests of human and technical performance by being untamed and unpredictable. These are spectacular events where the tires play a key role in delivering results and safety. The choice of tires is subject to the principle of open competition, which means that individual teams and drivers chose Dunlop by their own choice, not due to any regulations. For over 130 years now, Dunlop has been driven by its competitive spirit and desire to win the race, and is therefore developing new technologies, proving the ever-increasing performance of tires ensuring the drivers to move the limits of possible on the track.

Isle of Man TT (25 May–7 June 2019)

Dunlop is considered the most successful tire brand in more than a hundred-year history of the motorcycle race on the Island of Man in the Irish Sea. Besides numerous wins in various classes, the brand holds a record on the 59-kilometer track set by Peter Hickman last year. One of the most dangerous and spectacular sports events in the world takes place on circuitous and wavy rural roads and city streets, where – due to jumps and explosive rides with an average speed of over 214 kilometres per hour – the load is truly remarkable. Dunlop is addressing these challenges by developing a number of new technologies from a new rapidly heating tread compound to the JLB technology which – by providing smooth driving and directional stability – represents a great advantage for Dunlop’s road tire customers.

Le Mans 24 hours (15–16 June 2019)

The Dunlop brand holds an undisputed supremacy among the tires in the Le Mans 24-hour marathon, as Dunlop tires won 34 times since their first victory in 1924. The world’s most prestigious endurance race with over 5,000 kilometres of mileage, speeds of over 330 kilometres per hour and ever shorter times per round represents an incredible test for the whole team, drivers, cars and tires. The performance of the latter is particularly evident in the very competitive LMP2 class that Dunlop has been focused on in recent years. After last year’s eighth win in a row in this category, half of this year’s competitors chose the Dunlop brand.

24 hours Nürburgring(20–23 June 2019)

More than 150 cars in over 20 classes join this probably the toughest endurance test in motorsport each year on the legendary “old school” 25-kilometer route in western Germany. The beginnings of the race date back to 1970. Dunlop was winning the first four years and Niki Lauda (1973) was one of the winning drivers. Dunlop so far has 18 overall wins, and the record time of the track was also set on Dunlop tires. Nordschleife’s convexity of the road surface, altitude differences and a wide variety of driving surfaces is a constant challenge to the drivers.

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