A diamond balance of black and white

A limited-edition of the prestigious Balance golden collection from Zlatarna Celje is marked by the contrast of black and white diamonds connected into the whole with beautiful satin red gold. An elegant contrast is sophisticated and timeless, while a handmade jewellery set carries the message of the meaning of physical and spiritual harmony.

The BALANCE gold collection

It’s black, it’s white and it’s their balance as one side never exists without the other. The Balance gold collection, which carries a strong message about the importance of physical and spiritual harmony, makes every day full of wonderful options as it can be worn in more than 64 ways. When designing the collection and choosing the classic colour contrast of black and white diamonds, the designer Désirée Kolarec was inspired by the thought of unconditional acceptance of the exterior and interior of the woman, which is the only way for her to shine in all her uniqueness. When we accept what we are, the outside world also adapts to us. The prestigious collection in white and red gold is an indispensable fashion accessory for those who love timeless style and are aware that they can’t always influence the events outside themselves, but can make life better by establishing inner harmony.

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