Anamaria Goltes shining in new Lencia jewellery

A young woman, who won the heart of Luka Dončić, also charmed Zlatarna Celje with her looks and became a face of the silver Lencia collections, just like Tina Maze before her. Sophisticated and a bit bolder jewellery pieces suit her perfectly, as proven by the photographs of her wearing Lencia Layers and Lencia Angular silver collections by the designer Olga Košica. Completely different designs, as it seems at first glance, are connected by two things – eternal elegance and flirting with abstract style that perfectly complement Anamaria’s style and attractive appearance. 

ImaginativeLencia Layerscollection is intended for all jewellery lovers who express their tenderness in an original way. The jewellery fits the skin perfectly, as ensured by the new face of the Lencia collections, Anamaria Goltes. The young woman was impressed by silver monochrome artwork, shaped in an industrial-abstract style that captures the magic of gentle flower petals. The multiplicity of the Lencia Layers collection tells us that the minimalistic jewellery lines hide something much deeper just as the true value of the jewellery owner is hidden deep in the heart of her sensual being. The collection consists of a versatile ring, a necklace and earrings that perfectly spice up an evening walk along the coast, a day trip around the city as well as more elegant opportunities.

The Lencia Angularcollection, however, is a completely opposite to the gentle elegance, but – as Lencia Layers collection – rejects the principles of symmetry and everything related to the regular shapes. A ring, earrings and a necklace oppose social rules as a uniform package of boldness, representing a luxury and a blessing for each member of the fairer sex. A timeless combination of yellow colour of silver metal and garnet red stones will impress all self-confident fans of unmistakable elegance.

Anamaria commented on her cooperation with Zlatarna Celje: “It is a great honour for me to continue the tradition marked by Tina Maze, Martina Kajfež, Nadiya Bichkova and other celebrities before me. I have been wearing Zlatarna Celje’s jewellery since I was little, so it seems to me that now, when they’ve chosen me for their ambassador, the circuit is complete.”

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