Autumn’s shine of sandy beaches and sea waves

In autumn, when the days are slowly getting shorter and colder, our minds are still nostalgically remembering summer every now and then. All who love the warmer part of the year will surely be enthusiastic about the Golden Sea collection, which has found its inspiration on sandy beaches around the world. The imaginative collection of Zlatarna Celje is designed for women of all generations who believe in timeless yet unique elegance with a touch of Middle Eastern mysticism.

THE GOLDEN SEA collection

The Golden Sea vibrant collection is designed as a set of a ring and a necklace reflecting a sparkle of the golden sand of the world’s most beautiful beaches and the green-blue of the sea waves. A beautiful combination of matte yellow gold and semi-precious amazonite stone traditionally soothes the mind and the soul with its green-blue colour, and is created for all who love expressive pieces with a special meaning. A natural amazonite stone is said to have special powers contributing to a free expression and better acceptance of oneself, while ancient cultures associate it with goddesses and legends about female warriors. The handmade collection for mighty women was created by a designer Désirée Kolarec.

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