Collaborating for a healthy life in pink

In pink October, the company Skaza and Europa Donna Slovenia association joined forces in an effort to raise awareness of a healthy lifestyle as a foundation of a fight against diseases. The result of this collaboration is the limited edition of Skaza’s Bokashi Organko kitchen composter, made in a unique pink colour by the company from Velenje. The pink compost will be available until the end of October, and a part of the value of each product sold will be intended for breast cancer research and activities.

Pink October is the International Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and many individuals and organizations fight against this disease. Europa Donna association takes the lead in this fight, drawing attention for many years now to the importance of early detection of the disease and the preventative role of a healthy lifestyle. Recognizing that more can be done when uniting efforts, Skaza joined their mission this year by producing a special line of its Bokashi Organko kitchen composter in pink.

The partners emphasize that health is the most important personal and social value, so choosing a composter as a symbol of this cooperation was by no means accidental as Skaza’s composter enables the collection of kitchen bio-waste, thus creating an ecological basis for a compost and fermentation fluids for plant watering. The users can produce organic food in their home garden or on their balcony, which is the basis of a healthy lifestyle and preventive protection against many diseases.

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