Enjoy the little things

Summer has always been a time of the year for exploring tropical places and their hidden gems. Thinking of all the travellers, adventurers and fashion enthusiasts, Zlatarna Celje created a KOKO steel collection, which represents – due to its youthful freshness and picturesqueness – an indispensable peace of this summer.

Warm months bring many small everyday pleasures, which can be as simple as playing with colour combinations of clothes, as well as entertaining ourselves with colourful accessories adding the final touch of our summer look. This is exactly what KOKO fashionable bracelets are – the perfect interlacing of colourful stones of agate, jasper, jade, sodalite and amazonite, bringing positive effects to different areas of life. The KOKO collection connects the spiritual dimension and the appearance aspect of life, while the bracelets – individually or in combination – are interesting accessories to both travel and marine summer look.

Every genuine stone, strung on the KOKO bracelet, brings a unique vibration to the life of its holder for protection, healing, meditation and support. Young, fresh and profoundly important – let this summer be full of exploring new places and discovering our own potentials with the assistance of KOKO genuine stones!

KOKO steel bracelets collection “Enjoy the little things.”


The KOKO bracelets contain the following genuine stones:
Agate. The semi-precious stone of various colours has been often used for making amulets of truth, which should ensure that the words of a person wearing it are always pure and properly understood. The stone supports us in difficult moments at the spiritual and mental level, it promotes a positive attitude towards mutual relations and a focus to what is truly important.

Jasper. Jasper is a stone calming intense emotional and mental experiences, liberating the restless spirit of distress and anxiety, and at the same time making us become more down to earth, therefore we call it an “Earth stone”. It teaches us to take responsibility and dissuades us from situations that are not good for us, while it also helps us confront problems before they become too big.

Jade. The crystal, which has always been conceived as a symbol of royal power, has the unique ability not to absorb negative vibrations from the environment. Jade is a stone of philosophers and artists, and people around the world wear it as a talisman for happiness, friendship and loyalty.

Sodalite. Sodalite is known as a stone of speakers since it helps us communicate, promotes mental clarity and self-expression. It is especially helpful in making new contacts as it calms us, frees us from fears, and improves communication and understanding in relationships.

Amazonite. The lively stone in light blue to turquoise shades has a calming effect and helps in case of insomnia. It also strengthens our life-force, promotes creative qualities of the individual and helps us to better express them. The stone is especially suitable for restless individuals as it affects the improvement of tolerance and patience, it relieves us of egoism and the desire to usurp goods.

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