Eternal triumph of love

February is a month of love, and this strong emotion that inspires many artists and creations was also the inspiration of Zlatarna Celje’s designer Désirée Kolarec. In our new gold collection called The Triumph of Love, she has created a delicate set with an elegant blend of two mighty symbols – a heart and a wreath of victory that together illustrate the absolute supremacy of love over all.

The Triumph of Love gold collection

We all need love and Zlatarna Celje is well aware of that. The Triumph of Love is a new gold collection that finds inspiration right in the symbol of eternal love, which combines a heart and a wreath of victory. The latter, made of olive branches, was used to crown the winners of the ancient Olympic games. A delicate collection consists of a set of a ring, earrings and a necklace, and you can wear it in prestigious yellow or white gold at every opportunity when you wish to share the message of the eternal triumph of love with the world.

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