Nadiya Bychkova wearing mysterious pieces of jewellery

We enjoy a splash of ice-blue in these hot summer months, and the eye rests on a dazzling beauty of nature. The latter has been caught in the mysterious jewellery pieces of Zlatarna Celje, enthusing all eclectic design lovers with its new Lencia collections. The freshness of Lencia Iceberg brings the precious stones of Swarovski, reminding us of the northern seas icebergs, while Lencia Seaflower seduces with subtle prints of mysterious flowers. Dancer Nadiya Bychkova wears the new collections, catching the eye of many thanks to these beautiful pieces.

Zlatarna Celje is forming fashion and design trends with its impeccable Lencia collections put on by Nadia Bychkova, a dancer and elegant fashion pieces lover. The provocative, polarizing shapes are glittering in the Lencia Icebergcollection, designed by one of BMW’s main designers Chris Bangle. A necklace, earrings and a ring are a miniature modern artwork, therefore the pieces in which the blue of the ice is captured, are dedicated to ladies who believe in the premium design. A mysterious spill of green and blue is combined into an abstract geometric perfection, and you will feel heads turning at every step you make.

A complete contrast to the refined sharpness of the Lencia Iceberg collection is the enigmatic Lencia Seaflower collection, inspired by the touch of mystery and flowers. Since this summer hosts a trend placing the flowers at the centre of attention, the precise and minimalist pieces of Seaflower are interwoven with rich elements found in nature. Imagination of many nature admirers is stunned by the impressions of mysterious flowers, captured in a silver necklace with a round pendant, a set of hanging earrings and a rich ring. An abstract perfection with a subtle touch will leave an exceptional visual impression wherever you end up!

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