Skin and hair care products that the New Yorkers swear on since 1851

A legendary New York pharmacy and the producer of high-quality skin and hair care products – Kiehl’s Since 1851 came to our country, too. Popular and world-renowned cosmetics, swore on by many local and foreign celebrities, can be found in the cosmetic department in Ljubljana’s Maxi.

Kiehl’s classic heritage and dedication to customers are the essence of every product and service in the 162-year history of the company. Everything from ingredients research and testing the safety of products to the internal arrangement of stores is customized to the individual needs of customers in local communities. In all Kiehl’s stores, the principles of classical pharmacies are intertwined with modern elements that reflect special features of a particular community and honour the beginnings of the company in the New York’s quarter of East Village.

Already at the entrance into the unique space, the visitors meet teh long history and eccentric character of the company: there are traces of the long lasting Kiehl’s tradition everywhere, including photographs of the original location of the main store in New York, the founder’s family and expeditions under Kiehl’s sponsorship. Historical elements are surprising and exciting for customers who can also see Kiehl’s famous skeleton called “Mr Bones”. There are no two identical stores in the world, but all stores radiate Kiehl’s rich pharmacy tradition.

In striving for a recognizable store arrangement, Kiehl’s Since 1851 remains faithful to its heritage also in terms of the top level services it offers to customers in 63 countries worldwide (Slovenia is the 64th) and more than 232 stores. Each member of Kiehl’s sales staff is acquainted with the approach to customers the company advocates and in addition to knowing the ingredients, formulas and pharmacy tradition, he or she is also qualified to prescribe treatments as well as skin care and hair care regimen according to the individual needs of customers.

As in other Kiehl’s stores, we in Ljubljana will support the “Try it before you buy it” initiative started 29 years ago in the main store in New York that ensures a simple return of products with getting the money back. Kiehl’s clearly distinguished itself from the competition, gained visibility in the market and loyal fans, including actors Brooke Shields, Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Charlize Theron, designer Andy Warhol, singers Beyonce and Lenny Kravitz, and many fashion designers with Alexander McQueen and Diane von Furstenberg among them.

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Julija Csipö

Junior Advisor

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