New snacks at filling stations across Slovenia

OMV expanded the range of items in its OMV VIVA Shops in the convenience products label that was launched in April. Besides VIVA coffee, the customers will be able to purchase a total of seven new VIVA brand snacking products as of October 2019.

Following the successful launch of the VIVA product label in spring, VIVA Shops will now be offering a healthy snack alternative in the form of the new VIVA snacks. The new snack mixes and fruit bars are the ideal option for all those wishing to enjoy a guilt-free snack whilst driving,

General Manager Vanja Lombar is convinced. The practical packaging also ensures that fingers stay clean

Four types of VIVA snack mixes are available: NutsMix, Superfruits, VeggieMix, and ChocoBerries. The snacks are made in Austria using only organic ingredients, and none of the snacks contains palm oil. Moreover, the chocolate in the ChocoBerries mix is Fairtrade-certified. With four different types of snacks, there is certainly something to appeal to every taste. 

The VIVA fruit bar is available in Apple/Carrot/Orange, Beetroot/Blackcurrant, and Rhubarb/Strawberry flavours. All three varieties are vegan, with no added sugar, and free of artificial additives and palm oil. 

Our customers demand products they can consume on the go. That motivates us to constantly come up with new product ideas. The new VIVA snacks for between meals prioritize top quality, healthy ingredients, and outstanding taste. The new VIVA products also offer excellent value for money,

says General Manager.

The VIVA snack mixes are available in 25–30 g packaging, in a range of colours. The fruit bars are packed individually in 32 g units, in red, purple, and orange according to content. 

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