The infinity of the sea and the sky

Zlatarna Celje presents its new Lencia Half&Half silver collection as a reminiscent of an intersection between the sea and the sky with its image of two different, but complementary halves. Designer Olga Košica has captured a sense of unlimited freedom in a modern design, so any individual who is aware of the unbridled power of her mind will be beautified with it.

Infinity – the feeling we get when we look up at the wide sky or stare into the waves of a mighty sea. Where does the one end and the other begin? This concept of immensity was elegantly illustrated by the designer Olga Košica in the two halves, which complement each other and represent the intersection of the sea and the sky. The silver relief half represents the immense depth of the ocean and the human mind, while the other half, sprinkled with pebbles, symbolizes the wide sky and many opportunities an individual has. A collection consists of a ring, pendant and earrings, is the perfect choice for any jewellery lover who is aware of the power of her mind and enjoys every moment of unbridled freedom.

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