These are the most noticeable sneakers of the year

Only a prominent brand like adidas Originals has the confidence to focus on its unique DNA and ignore general trends. The freshest Deerupt model thus represents a new-day continuation of its original heritage in a radical new way. A modern, minimalist and bold silhouette draws inspiration from its archive of cult adidas sneakers and is realized in a grid design. Despite its striking look, this advanced and noticeable sneaker still reflects the simplicity of the most popular models of three-line brand.

Inspired by urban planning, architecture, and natural phenomena, Deerupt holds the grid as its central design principle. The grid was initially featured in adidas running silhouettes in the 80s and was the key feature of the New York marathon runners. The grid design of newest model is stretched to envelope the entire shoe to exaggerated proportions and injected with electric colours, the grid is transformed into a bold visual motif for today. By doing so, the sneaker is a depicted abstraction with the nostalgic aspiration of the already known, but radically different. Created by the principle of design celebrating disruptivity and uncomplexity, the sneaker is based on the grid as the simplest for the eye, but in its essence, this is the most complex structure of all forms.

This year’s Deerupt is characterized by playing with the grid through various textures, layers and perspectives, and its runner-inspired design brings the ultra-lightweight construction. Inside, zoned foam pockets moulded along the shoe’s interior lining ensure the highest degree of fit by locking the foot into the shoe to create a supportive compression. The result is a product with a truly unique benefit: a shoe that conforms to its wearer ensuring ultimate comfort, while its attractive appearance makes every aesthetician appreciate it, especially those who prefer minimalist design and credible products, which make a powerful fashion statement despite their simplicity.

Deerupt launches in the hero colourway Solar Bird, a meld of two iconic adidas tones: Solar Red and Bluebird. A grid design gives the sneaker a strong visual identity and simple authenticity providing a maximum fashion impact.

Being unmistakably adidas, Deerupt was born with the courage to air the three-line brand design and announced its arrival with the return of strong colours, radical comfort and irreplaceable silhouette. Deerupt is designed for those who are looking for streamlined experience intertwined with fashion and trends, while abiding by the simplicity the Deerupt model is bringing to the greatest extent. For disruptive simplicity!

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