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Anyone running is well aware that this simple activity can radically change our lives. Running fills us with energy that stays there long after crossing the finish line; and the more we run, the fuller of life we are. In order to make our everyday life more energetic, the new adidas UltraBoost running shoes were created to bring energy from the ground up.


One of the biggest manufacturers of the running equipment – adidas presents the new renovative UltraBOOST sneakers that push boundaries in running technology. This new model is made using advanced adidas technologies that provide support, ultimate fit and effective movement. Its release was backed up by the ‘Energy from the Ground Up’ adidas campaign aiming to fill the runners with self-confidence and to inspire them to get better with every run.


Perfect fit to the foot and maximum support during the run


In engineering this model, adidas used the best properties of past models, so the ventilation holes of the original model returned to the upper part of the running shoe. In addition, a new version of the Primeknit material was used to wrap the foot, provide support and excellent fit, while the high-tech Fit Counter is integrated within the heel to enable free movement of the Achilles tendon. The built-in BOOSTTM sole ensures with adaptability and cushioning, the latter being the most responsive cushioning in the market.

Running and getting more energy


The latest version of the legendary UltraBOOST sneaker was supported by the adidas’ ‘Energy from the Ground Up’ campaign in order to provide athletes with the self-confidence and inspire them to become better with each training. They call on individuals to bring more energy in every part of their lives.


adidas considered the feedback from the runners when engineering the new running shoe, kept up with the development and offered something new and unique to global running community – a model that celebrates raw, genuine feelings and energy of runners before, during and after running.

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