A unique insight into trends in the electricity market

HEP Energy (HEP Energija) hosted the 4th get-together in Ljubljana, where the participants were given a unique insight into trends and expectations in the electricity market. Business partners and clients were offered professional advice, looked into the future of the industry and shared their own experiences.

The energy power company of HEP Energija, which supplies the electricity to more than 500 Slovenian business customers every day, organized a traditional get-together in Ljubljana for its clients and business partners. The event was attended by many businessmen, including representatives of companies that are HEP Energija’s clients.

Participants gained insight into the future of the industry
The participants learned firsthand about the key trends and changes expected in the electricity market in the upcoming year. The speaker who presented them at the event was Filip Glavan, a senior consultant at Boston Consulting, an expert on the latest technologies and business models in the energy industry, and an expert on distributed energy sources.

In response to the rapid changes we are witnessing in the electricity market, a procurator at HEP Energija, Alan Gregorec highlighted the HEPI Trader service and app. “HEPI Trader provides additional information, advice and assistance to larger business customers, and provides them with a comprehensive insight into trends, price comparison and optimization of costs, as well as business autonomy in managing their own electricity supply”, Gregorec pointed out.

Focused on green energy
In Slovenia, HEP Energija also offers green electricity produced from completely renewable sources. This enables its partners to operate in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and social responsibility. In 2018, as many as 70 percent of its Slovenian customers used energy produced from renewable sources. The 4h get-together of HEP Energija’s clients was intended also for developing good partnership relations. A well-known illusionist Guy Pardillios and the young Croatian musician Martin Kutnar with his performance on electric harmonics made the event fun and the atmosphere pleasant.

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