A way to cheaper mobile subscriptions discovered

Slovenian households have an average of 2.3 mobile telephony subscriptions. There are more mobile phones in use than there are residents. On average, a person pays 17 EUR a month for mobile services, but wishes the amount to be 2.5 EUR lower.

Therefore, the Slovenians are strong mobile services users, and at the same time want to pay as little as possible. The prices of mobile packages seem relatively low, given their usual rich content. But we still tend to go lower. It is also true that, despite the relatively low prices of mobile packages, we are finding offers that operators change over the course of the subscription – both in terms of content and price. But the question is, what more can operators do?

Family discounts on mobile telephony

A nice and welcome new feature was recently introduced by Telemach, which now offers connectivity of up to four users as part of the “MORE” (“VEČ”) family mobile packages discounts. The equation is simple – more members connected means more discount on a monthly subscription. These actually bring lower prices for monthly subscriptions of mobile packages, which remain substantially the same as chosen in a regular offer. A maximum of four users can connect, having the same residence address registered.

As the use of mobile telephony is becoming an inevitable everyday element of life of all generations, Telemach’s discounts on the “MORE” (“VEČ”), “EVEN MORE” (ŠE VEČ”) and “THE MOST” (“NAJVEČ”) packages as well as the children’s offer of “I HAVE MORE” (“IMAM VEČ”) are an ideal opportunity to connect and thus reduce the monthly subscription costs for the whole family. At the same time, each user chooses the most suitable mobile phone at the same price as usual.

You can save hundreds of euros a year

A monthly subscription for each package is therefore reduced by the number of connected family members. In case of four family members connected, the package of “THE MOST” (”NAJVEČ”), which allows unlimited data transfer and communication, is available for as little as 16 EUR a month. The “EVEN MORE” (“ŠE VEČ”) package, which is considered to be the best selling mobile package in the Slovenian market, is available for 13 EUR of monthly subscription when connecting four members, while the “MORE” (“VEČ”) package in this case costs 5 EUR a month.

Let’s take the example of four family members connected (a father, a mother and two children – a high school and elementary school student), choosing the package of “THE MOST” (“NAJVEČ”), twice the “EVEN MORE” (“ŠE VEČ”) package and the “I HAVE MORE” (“VEČ IMAM”) offer for children, which at least in theory meet their needs. In this case, the average monthly cost per person in this family would be only 13 EUR, which is even less than what the users define as the appropriate mobile services cost.

Telemach has therefore made a step towards its users and offered them a solution to connect the users of all generations. Everyone enjoys what their chosen package brings, only the price of a monthly subscription is lower. The annual savings are up to 288 EUR.

Tilen Lamut


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