Children can surf the Internet at no extra cost

Kids. It seems like they were crawling around and getting sincerely excited about the simplest things just yesterday. And these children grow from small and helpless creatures into independent champs, who are bravely facing new challenges. Small palms that were reaching for the teat are now reaching for the smartphone. “But all my friends have it,” is certainly one of the arguments you have heard or will hear from your children.

Due to the fast and vibrant pace of life, children and parents can no longer imagine their lives without the assistance of modern technologies. Despite many polemics regarding the appropriate use of modern technologies, they do leave many positive effects on children. They enable them a fast and more comprehensive access to a wide range of knowledge, which they can use both in their education and in later life. By using mobile phones, parents and children can be in direct contact at all times. In addition, mobile phones can serve as a tool for teaching children about responsible money handling and its value. And finally, it’s a device that allows them to watch videos, listen to their favourite music and keep in touch with their friends, so they will treat it as a valuable asset. By choosing appropriate interactive applications and games, the kids can also be encouraged to use their imagination and strengthen their logical thinking.

“VEČ IMAM” (“I’VE GOT MORE”) offer for children

Parents sometimes hesitate when it comes to the decision on buying the first phone for their child. But the development and the environment move in the direction that gets children in toucg with technologies in one way or another. Therefore, it is all the more important to know, as parents, what you get when you opt for a mobile operator. A special Telemach’s “VEČ IMAM” (“I’VE GOT MORE”) offer for children will take the parent’s worries away as it provides the children with unlimited text messages and as much as 15GB of data usage for them to stay connected with the family and friends. The “VEČ IMAM” (“I’VE GOT MORE”) offer for children is available at Telemach for only EUR 10 of monthly subscription.

Here, parents have no additional costs as there are no additional costs in case of exceeding the amount of data usage, only the Internet speed slows down. The possibility of managing the subscription on Moj Telemach portal is also welcome as parents are able to prevent making calls to various telephone numbers, which could also cause additional monthly costs.

It is virtually impossible to completely prohibit the children to use mobile phones since they bring many benefits, too. However, it is very important that parents have control over the content and are able to limit the mobile phone use if necessary.

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