Facing the crisis with telecommunication content

Much of the world, and Slovenia along with it, has found itself in a unique situation. In a situation where it is most important for us to stay at home, not to socialize in groups and thus stop the spread of coronavirus together. It is the responsibility of each individual.

The pace of modern society is said to be all too quick, we are unable to take time for ourselves and our loved ones, to look inside ourselves. Even though the current situation is not pretty, it allows us, on the other hand, to do just that. So let’s calm down a bit, catch a breath, and think a little about where humanity is headed to.

Use the time that many of us will spend at home, besides taking regular walks in nature by yourselves, to grab a book again, cuddle your pet. Have you been getting ready for a deep apartment cleaning for a while now? Perfect! Have fun with your closest family members like you used to – playing board games. Don’t forget to exercise. A healthy mind in a healthy body still matters.

Watch a movie or series you otherwise don’t have time for, and don’t forget about your friends – you will do best for them if you don’t push but stay connected through social networks, video calls. With all this in mind, do not forget about the education of your children – make sure they do their online studies.

Many of the mentioned, of course, cannot be done without good telecommunication services. In crisis situations, such as the current one, in addition to the responsibility of each individual, it is virtually the key to successfully surviving the situation. And the user experience counts the most here. This is precisely what experts from the internationally renowned Umlaut have recently been measuring for six months.

The survey showed that the best network in terms of user experience is by Telemach. Its fixed and mobile services can be relied upon as they are stable and ensure smooth operation. The Video Club with more than 16,000 content units is quite convenient these days.

Telemach have opened its programme schemes and its rich Video Club to all users until 4 May. This brings us at least a little more joy and content that can make the time more fun, and make sure the home time is a quality time also by watching various contents.

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