February brings four new TV channels in TV programme scheme

Telemach is enriching its digital TV programme scheme with four new TV channels, two of which will be made available as first by Telemach and two will be added due to customer preferences. Home & Garden TV, HD Cinestar TV 2, Tržič TV (Hokej TV) and Mediaset Italia will bring more fun and socializing to your home as of February.

The two TV channels, which will be the first available in the Slovenian market thanks to Telemach and included in its initial digital scheme, are Home & Garden TV and Cinestar TV 2. The first comes from the group of Discovery channels and has a great number of viewers in the countries where already broadcasted, as it is suitable for the whole family. It brings tips on how to renovate and refurbish your home, buy or sell a home, and use a variety of materials when working at home, with HD contentavailable.

Cinestar TV 2 HD will deliver even more entertainment and cinematic excitement, featuring movies and movie blockbusters, documentaries, movie news, exclusive coverages from movie sets and other content suitable for all age groups 24/7. All films will have Slovenian subtitles and some of animated children’s films will be synchronized. The reason for listing another Cinestar TV channel is a very high rating and popularity of existing Cinestar channels.

Telemach is thus becoming the first operator in Slovenia to have the popular Home & Garden TV and Cinestar TV 2 channels available in its initial digital scheme.

The very popular Discovery Channel, which Telemach subscribers have been able to watch in SD quality, will now be available in HD.

For hockey fans and fans of Italian content

Telemach is also adding Tržič TV (Hokej TV) channel, available in HD in the initial scheme, too. The channel broadcasts the contents from the town of Tržič and its wider surroundings, and hockey fans can follow the Alps Hockey League live – with Slovenian clubs of SŽ Olimpija Ljubljana and Sij Acroni Jesenice, IHL International Hockey League matches and national championship matches in the membership and junior categories.

Mediaset Italia channel, which is considered one of the most watched commercial Italian channels, enables Telemach’s subscribers to watch the most popular Italian television shows, entertainment and fun contents in Slovenia, too. The Mediaset Italia channel will be available in an expanded TV programme scheme.

Changes will also be made for subscribers of Telemach satellite TV. Home & Garden TV and Cinestar TV 2 in HD quality will be added to TOTAL TV programme schemes, and Discovery Channel will now be available in HD quality.

Tilen Lamut


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