Measures ensuring a smooth supply of energy products

Istrabenz Plini Group has taken extraordinary measures to continue to provide customers with energy product supply while protecting the health of all stakeholders. Logistical processes and supply of liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas for both natural and legal persons (resp. business customers) are running smoothly, but with increased care for everyone involved.

Istrabenz Plini Group is closely monitoring and adapting to the current situation associated with the outbreak of the new coronavirus. They have taken a number of measures to continue to provide their customers with a smooth supply of energy products while making sure the health of employees and other stakeholders is maintained. Besides the increased security, Istrabenz Plini Group continues to supply liquefied petroleum gas and natural gas to the customers, ensuring the security of the supply chain and the continuity of logistics processes. The supply of energy products to all business customers and legal entities is also running smoothly, continuing to provide gas cylinders and other goods for the latter.

Immediately after COVID-19, Istrabenz Plini Group had taken numerous measures to protect its employees and customers. Strict workplace hygiene measures have been introduced and employees are constantly reminded of the hygiene and appropriate preventative measures required. In addition, the companies of Istrabenz Plini and Plinarna Maribor, as well as all the Group’s business units have restricted entry and movement in their areas, which is now possible only upon prior approval by the security service and is subject to strict security measures. They have also protected the groups in the field, which are adequately informed and provided with all the necessary protective equipment.

Istrabenz Plini Group will continue to closely monitor developments and take all the necessary measures to protect everyone’s health in a timely manner, and have already prepared action plans if the situation worsens.

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