Nov podatkovni šok za internet »freake«

We go nowhere without a mobile device, but it doesn’t really benefit us anymore if we are not online. Data transfer is, therefore, in many cases the first thing set when reviewing mobile packages.

Telemach once again proved that data transfer is at the heart of their mobile packages. The amount of data transfer was again increased in all three mobile packages of the MORE (VEČ) family, and automatic updates were provided for existing as well new subscribers. In the package of MOST (NAJVEČ), users will enjoy as much as 60GB of data transfer as of 7 May, while the EVEN MORE (ŠE VEČ) package, which is considered to be the best-selling mobile package, the data transfer will be increased from 15GB to 25GB, and in the MORE (VEČ) package from 600MB to 1GB. Users are probably most pleased that the price of packages won’t change despite the increase in data transfer.

Solution for carefree surfing on vacation abroad
Telemach subscribers can careless use the web even when traveling around the world. This is enabled by the expanded WiFi network of UNIFIandUNIFI Travelpoints. The UNIFI network is available to users with as many as 650,000WiFi points in the region, which allows them to enjoy their carefree holidays in non-EU countries. Worldwide travellers enjoy Telemach services by connecting free of charge to 68 million locationsworldwide. After the initial registration, your phone will automatically connect to UNIFI or UNIFI Travel WiFi point, allowing you to enjoy the most popular content anywhere and anytime.

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