Paying bills online now commission free

Users of Telemach’s services are now able to pay their bills online without paying a commission. Also, all existing or new subscribers can make payments using payment cards with no commission when purchasing phones, tablets, or other devices online.

Telemach continues to optimize the user experience and brings new benefits to all who shop in an online store or pay their bills online. Commission-free online payment using payment cards offers a new way of saving money.

The users signed in an e-account will now receive a link to an online payment as part of their e-invoice each month. Also, each Telemach user can access the online payment link on the Telemach website or in their “My Telemach” app. Online payment is very simple and done in only a few steps – by entering the payment card number in the online payslip.

In striving for the most environmentally friendly business, Telemach urges its users to set up an e-account. They can do it easily or activate their e-account on the website or in their “My Telemach” app, or send a request to for switching from a printed invoice to the e-invoice.

A simpler, more economical, and environmentally friendly method of payment brings benefits to the individual, society and the environment.

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