Slovenian company signs European Plastics Pact

The company from Velenje, Slovenia has been recognized as one of the leading European companies in the field of responsible plastic management and an important partner in accelerating the shift toward a circular economy.

The European Plastics Pact was signed in Brussels recently as an additional incentive for the activities for reducing, reusing and processing single-use plastic products and packaging. The Pact was signed by a total of 15 countries and 66 organizations from all over Europe, including Skaza from Slovenia. The invitation to sign represents the recognition of Skaza as one of the leaders in this field and an important partner in accelerating the shift toward a circular economy.

The main purpose of the Pact is to direct the society into the responsible use of plastic. It focuses primarily on the reuse and recycling of single-use plastic products and packaging, and the use of recycled plastic. It also has a supportive function as it provides a unique platform for sharing ideas, displaying good practices and discussing the challenges needed in order to build a new circular economy template that everyone else will follow. The Pact was initiated by the Netherlands and France, while more than 80 organizations participated in shaping the final text, including governments, companies, NGOs and business associations across Europe.

“By joining the European Plastics Pact, we follow our vision of being among the top 10 eco-companies that set trends in the plastics industry. Our commitment to the goals of the Pact is actually a commitment to all future generations. We owe them to leave a nicer, cleaner, healthier planet for them,” said Skaza’s CEO Bart Stegeman at the signing.

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