Telemach is becoming self-sufficient with its own solar power plant

This year, Telemach is expanding its socially responsible activities – the company is expanding its activities in the field of child safety online to the area of ​​environmentally friendly operation. As part of an environmentally and socially focused mission for a better tomorrow, they have invested in a solar power plant built by GEN-I. The plant will cover the company’s own energy needs and contribute to the circular economy development.

At the end of 2019, a solar photovoltaic plant comprising 866 PV BISOL polycrystalline modules has started operating on over 3,000m2 of Telemach’s office building roof, with a connected load of 242.48 kWp and annual production estimated at 254,100kWh.

Telemach’s office building will thus be at least 20% energy self-sufficient for the next 30 years, and by generating electricity, Telemach will take care of its own supply, including charging of electric vehicles in its fleet used by technical services for customer visits. With the implementation of solar cells, the company wants to contribute to the circular economy and strive to environmentally friendly and carbon-free operation, as well as encourage other stakeholders to do so themselves.

This solar power plant will make Telemach save on two strategic areas: financial and environmental. The company will reduce the amount of carbon footprint produced by 125 tonnes per year, with an annual electricity cost savings of EUR 17,600.

Safety is well taken care of as well

The construction of a power generating plant contains a plan for electrical installations and equipment, including a lightning protection installation, which is necessary to protect the plant and the building, since the installation of a solar power plant increases the likelihood of lightning strikes. This way, the building and power plant are protected from atmospheric discharges without adverse effects, resp. their components are resistant to non-mechanical influences in the expected environmental conditions in such a way that persons, animals and property are not endangered.

The video of Telemach’s solar power plant is available at:

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