Welcome to the new age of television

If you believe you know TV, think again. The Telemach and United Group team have introduced an innovation that will change the way TV is watched and perceived. EON Smart Box is the first smart receiver in Slovenia that combines television content with digital services and Android TV apps, transforming each TV into a smart TV.

The new EON Smart Box enables the users to use all the advanced EON TV features and Android TV services on their TV: YouTube, Google PlayMusic, and Google PlayMovies&TV. They can also download and play Google Play Games and use thousands of other apps found in the Google Play Store.

“EON makes every living room the centre of fun. EON is suitable for all age groups, as it transforms each TV into a smart TV that becomes smarter, better and faster, just as the wishes of our users are”, member of the management Ditka Maučec pointed out. The EON receiver is equipped with a new remote control with Bluetooth technology and voice search, which should make the search for content a lot easier. In addition, there is an enviable video library offering over 12,500 movies and series.

“We took the wishes of our users into account and create a television of the future that will meet all their needs”,said president of the Telemach’s management Adrian Ježina, and emphasized that EON will be available to all residents of Slovenia, regardless of whether they use the Telemach’s network or not.

The new fixed packages of the EON family are smarter, better and faster, too
EON television of the future works using Telemach’s GIGA network, the largest network of the next generation in the region. It is also the basis for the new package offer at Telemach, which now integrates fixed services in the packages of EON LIGHT, EON FULL and EON PREMIUM.

The initial EON LIGHT package offers the highest speeds in the initial triple-offer on the market – up to 75MB/s. The middle EON FULL package brings access of internet speeds of up to 150 MB/s and the EON PREMIUM package up to 300 MB/s. There is an additional package for the biggest internet enthusiasts ensuring 1 GB/s of the internet speed.

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