With Hackathon to great social changes

The company of Skaza promotes creative thinking of its employees with a number of internal projects, while acquiring innovative solutions also with Hackathon for some time now. It was organized in Topolšica this time where they successfully joined forces with the Ustvarjalnik (Creator) youth entrepreneurial incubator in a three-day event. A relaxed collective brainstorming gave a number of solutions that Skaza will execute to the greatest extent possible. The company is considered to be one of the most successful companies in Slovenia in this field, since they’ve introduced three ideas from last year’s Hackaton, while one of them triggered a true movement for a better tomorrow in other Slovenian companies as well.

This year’s Skaza’s Hackathon was the first innovation event in Slovenia where promising young entrepreneurs and employees of a large company – from production to marketing; all departments participated – got connected in an intergenerational exchange of ideas and experiences. There were over 60 participants at this three-day event where they were solving the challenges of this Velenje based company for the first two days, and on the final day, Skaza’s employees passed their expertise to young start-ups.

According to the founder of Ustvarjalnik Matija Goljar, it rarely happens that a company opens its doors to young people, listens to their ideas and helps the young with the knowledge.

“Creativity has no age limit and you never know where the ideas will come from. On the contrary - the more diversity in views we have, the easier it is to put together something that has never been seen before or something better,”

Goljar is convinced.

Skaza’s CEO Bart Stegemanalso believes in the winning formula of connecting the bold ideas of young people with the knowledge of experienced teams. He especially pointed out internal projects that promote creative thinking of employees: 

Our employees are the ones to take credit for the success of the company, they are living the company’s values and have repeatedly proven to be a never-ending source of ideas. We believe that sharing knowledge and experience is extremely valuable. If we create and nurture conditions for it, we form a wider talent development space that can act as an incubator of great solutions.

Skaza je na tem področju vodilno podjetje v Sloveniji, saj so doslej v prakso Skaza is a leading company in this field as they have executed three ideas born at previous Hackathons. The main one is a EcoCareCup made of sugarcane, making the company give up disposable plastic cups. The inclusion of employees in a process of designing and producing was crucial to the ECO CARE movement that brings together more and more individuals as its ambassadors as well as Slovenian companies and institutions that use EcoCareCups, and demonstrate Skaza’s vision of a complete withdrawal of disposable plastic products.

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