Apropó is a project with young people in mind.

We help students and young employees who want to get to know the world of public relations and strategic communication to enter the profession through our agency doors.

We offer tomorrow’s professionals the contact with our profession they miss most in their formal education, through lectures, examples of best practice, integration, through experience at our agency. And after all is said and done, it is also an excellent opportunity for younger generations to bring with them a wave of youthful energy, curiosity and the desire to succeed to the agency. As experts in strategic communication we understand it is important to know our potential future employees, and to work as closely with them as possible.

Apropó – or Public Relations Boot Camp, as we have come to call it – therefore serves as a meeting point for the agency and all the young people who wish to work in this profession. As a result of the project, business ties are created in a pleasant, nurturing atmosphere, new jobs are created and filled, and new careers are set in motion.