The companies in our community not only play the role of providers, but also impact the economic and social wellbeing of the environment and affect our way of life. Due to the wider social impact our work brings with it we are subject to stricter standards, and expected to fulfil certain social expectations among other things. Our reputation depends on it. By advocating for a cleaner and smarter development of the environment; by promoting human rights and fair and proper conduct, as well as supporting culture and preserving cultural heritage; and by simply contributing to the high quality of life our community deserves we set a good example, giving back to the community of which we are a proud part; and ultimately, hope to inspire other organisations and individuals.

The real value of our initiatives lies just below the surface – in the larger social good, in promoting positive values and sustainable development. Because positive gestures and actions bring long-term benefits to both the environment and our agency.

With our strategically detailed policy of social responsibility, we:

  • Carry out positive actions that positively affect people, the community and the natural environment
  • Ensure stakeholders are satisfied and committed to improving our quality of life
  • Create value in the community in which we live and work
  • Encourage confidence in the company’s leadership
  • Strengthen our staff’s commitment and attract talented new staff