Procoaching is specifically aimed at building and improving the individual’s communication and presentation skills.
Our training sessions and workshops are recognised as interactive, tailor-made solutions for both individuals and teams, incorporating various methods that comprehensively upgrade the individual’s performance, communication, behaviour and wider thinking.
The Procoaching model of building effective communication and public speaking skills is based on four key inputs: psychological preparation for communication and presentation, communication and presentation material, appearance, and body and vocal language.
Additionally, we also employ SDI® tools to help adapt to people’s real individual needs – the leading international tools used around the world to create profiling questionnaires grounded in relationship awareness theory.

  • We are certified for following methods and techniques:
  • Neurolinguistic programming (NLP)
  • Brain-friendly learning techniques
  • Coaching methods (AOEC)
  • Group training techniques (Stonebow – People 1st training company)
  • Relationship awareness theory
  • Rhetorical and public speaking methods