Making a positive contribution From the very beginning, Propiar has been working in cooperation with other organisations that actively influence the social environment, using with their ideas to effect positive change in society. By supporting various projects, we work together to create a better today and tomorrow, as we are well aware that giving back to society is our responsibility.

Where we are involved:

BledCom is an international public relations research symposium where many academics and PR
practitioners discuss contemporary communication and management issues. As a result, BledCom is one of
the most important opportunities for leading communicators from all over the world to meet.

Slovenia’s main event for communicators, organized by the Public Relations Society of Slovenia, is
SKOJ, which brings Slovenian practitioners together in one place, is dedicated to education, networking and
discussions about the latest trends, problems and solutions in the field.

Rotary Club Ljubljana Castle aims to create positive change on the local and global levels and
is well known as one of the 44 Rotary Clubs in Slovenia. All club members share the common desire to
realise important goals related to charity issues and generosity.

The Managers' Association of Slovenia consists of representatives of
senior, executive and middle management people from Slovenian companies and other organizations. The
association works to further progress and benefit the Slovenian economy.

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