A thin line of panic

Sometimes, the blog posts must be shorter to leave more space for reflection.

Pestilence was on its way to Damascus and sped by a chief’s caravan in the desert.

“Where are you speeding to?” asked the chief.

“To Damascus. I mean to take a thousand lives.”

On its way back from Damascus, Pestilence passed by the caravan again. The chief said, “it was fifty thousand lives that you took, not a thousand.”

“No,” said the Pestilence. “I took a thousand. It was Fear that took the rest!”

– Anthony de Mello

Business communicators have a very clear guidance in given emergency situation. We do our job peacefully and responsibly, and ensure transparent communication with all stakeholders, thus contributing to calming the fear and curbing the unnecessary panic in our society.

We are currently doing it in sweatpants and pyjamas since we stayed home. Do the same if possible. Together, we can make a decisive contribution to curbing the spread of the infection by acting responsibly, respecting isolation and strictly following the recommendations of the competent institutions. In the meantime, let’s make sure that all socializing is moved to the digital world; after all, we have countless tools and channels available to help us keep in touch remotely. We will easily catch up on all the handshakes, hugs and kisses when circumstances allow us. May the next day bring us an overflowing measure of optimism and courage! #stayathome

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Tina Kadunc

Brand Communication Specialist

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