Apropó – a step towards the desired goal

In general, the labour market is not most favourable to young people, which can be changed by individual companies being awarethat they can contribute to society themselves. One of these is the Propiar agency, the founder of the Apropó program connecting the young and the profession. This is our way to spread the knowledge among young people interested in working in public relations.

Many young people run into a number of issues when looking for their first job. Most of them too often find themselves rejected as unsuitable candidates due to the lack of experience. This is largely the reason for the youth being unemployed. Only a handful of companies are bold enough to accept someone without any concrete work experience as their team member and teach them everything they need to know to successfully contribute to their organization.

We at Propiar are implementing our Apropó program that represents a bridge between us and the young who want to work in various fields of communication. By organizing free full-day workshops and lectures, we build on their greater practical empowerment and offer them the access to the world of public relations through our doors.

Apropó is much more than just a one-day workshop. It’s an unforgettable experience, on the basis of which many new opportunities can appear. Its main advantage is providing a clear insight into the profession. Participation in the Apropó program allows two weeks’ work practice to get to know the scope of the work at the agency. Here, one day is completely different than another, therefore our newcomers face many small and big challenges while a team of experienced and very nice employees guide them and offer them advice on any dilemma. So far, every edition of Apropó has borne fruit as it brought permanent new team members to the agency.

From Apropó participant to Propiar team member

Apropó program brought me to Propiar, too. In the final year of my studies, just like many other students, I began to wonder what I would like to try out and where I want to end up in my career. A great desire to organize events and work with people led me to tons of books where I searched for a thousand and one “how and why”. The theory I found in books was one thing; I didn’t know where to find the other and more important side – the experience. When I run into Apropó on Facebook, I applied without any hesitation to participate in the workshop. A relaxed conversation followed, after which I received a message that I was one of the eight participants chosen for the second edition of Apropó. The workshop surpassed all my expectations since we gained first-hand knowledge of how to cope with the crisis when it arises, and faced our first challenges. A day in a company of a professional and opened team passed before I knew it. I was even more excited about the two-week practical work, when the theory got even more practical. Under the mentorship of advisors, I dealt with a wide range of public relations tasks. My wish for staying here was growing and growing since I have always enjoyed writing texts, diverse work in a group and working with people in general. My efforts were more than rewarded as they offered me a position in their team. Since then, I’m a proud member of the Propiar agency.

Perhaps you are looking for a pleasant experience with a theory finally turning into experience? Visit Propiar’s Facebook profile and submit your application!

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