Apropó – workshop, internship, job opportunity or all in one

Good opportunities don’t come along every day. And internship in one of the best Slovenian communication agencies is certainly one of the opportunities that should be grabbed with both hands. Since there is a whole-day free learning experience from communication professionals, Apropó is the winning combination. And Apropó is the project that can eventually become your new job.

As a student of the final year of marketing communication and public relations, the first edition of the Apropó project, carried out by Propiar in March 2018, immediately attracted me. The idea and purpose of Apropó seemed as a great opportunity from the day I found out about it. It doesn’t often happen that students have the opportunity of a one-day free education by public relations professionals to gain insight into the world of communication and get to know the job that awaits us. Apropó is an excellent opportunity for students and other interested participants to learn about the work in a communication agency. Besides that, during the internship, each participant becomes a part of this story, quite indeed, a full member of the Agency.

Emphasised working experience
Apropó is designed as a relaxed learning with the emphasis on working experience, as it is fully set up for the students to acquire practical experience through actual work. At the first edition of Apropó, we worked on digital influences. The first part was the lectures and examples of good practices, while the other half was in the form of a workshop. It was executed in a relaxed atmosphere, with an emphasis on our active participation, so we could already use the newly acquired knowledge for solving the challenges. And the results were excellent since the lectures were very useful due to specific examples.

Then, the much anticipated two-week work practice at Propiar followed. My Apropó practice was a work experience in a true sense of the word, because I participated in interesting projects and had the opportunity to work with clients from different industries. Plus, I figured out what kind of work suits me best, what I am good at and what I want to do in the future.

Apropó is the first such project to provide students with practical learning in a real agency environment, also offering a new job opportunity. One can find out what interests him or her, and what the communication is all about. Besides that, it’s a great opportunity to show your knowledge, impress the team with your energy and prove that you have a great potential. The project allows you to stand out and be convincing at all levels. After two weeks of the internship, I was delighted when I found out that they recognized the potential in me and invited me to join the team. So Apropó made me a Propiar team member.

Some highlights from the first edition of Apropó:

Anja Jelenec


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