Propiar’s 12 marked by changes

The result of Propiar’s 12 years of operation and development are specializations in various areas of communication creating trends and managing changes. We launched a new and mediatised website on our birthday. All these changes were followed by a renewal of our ‘appearance’ reflected in a completely new integrated graphic image.

The digital age brought significant and rapid changes into our everyday life, as well as several challenges in the field of public relations. This area is changing at the speed of light and relations with the media represent an ever-smaller part of the communicators’ work. In the light of these changes in the past few years, we at Propiar, Strategic Communication Agency, directed our energy, knowledge and work with our clients into specializations being the future of communication.

On the 12th anniversary of active participation in the sphere of public relations, we presented the results of our continuous development, namely seven specializations. We have developed specializations in digital communication (Prodigital), internal communication (Inprocom), social responsibility (Pro4all), analytics and research (Prosearch), change management and media relations management, as well as the Procoaching department.

These orientations complete the strategic communication in content and sense on all platforms.

Mediatised website
The digital era didn’t transform the media landscape only for classical media, but – more importantly -opened the door to mass communication to a wide range of new players. Thus, companies, organizations, groups, families and individuals could start their own online presence and become their own medium.

Therefore, a new and mediatised website was created on our 12th anniversary. It’s not a typical corporate website, as the name suggests itself. It doesn’t merely present who we are, what we do and who our clients are, but takes on the role of the media by offering news and thus giving our clients the opportunity to inform about their novelties.

mag. Nina Tomažin Bolcar

Managing Director

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