We have already won three communication awards this year

Although our goal in creating communication projects is not winning prestigious titles, but targeting and dedication, we are sincerely proud of each prize. Each of them confirms the excellence of communication we strive for in the Propiar communication agency, and represents special recognition of our strategic planning, quality performance, passion for communication and years of experience exchanged among Propiar team members. The excellence of our projects is recognized by domestic and foreign experts, who awarded our agency with three special awards in the past few months – the Gold Quill Award of Excellenceand two national Prizma awards – and placed us among the three best small agencies in the world.

In the middle of April, we were first delighted with the news that we received the international communications award called the Gold Quill Award of Excellence by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). We earned it in the Corporate Social Responsibility category with the “Let’s Clean the Slovenian Rivers” project for Spar Slovenia. We were presented the award in front of hundreds of communicators from all over the world at the gala award ceremony in Montreal. In the meantime, we were awarded in the home field and received two national Prizma awards. We were eagerly awaiting the results until the proclamation of the winner in the evening of the 21st Slovenian Public Relations Conference. We triumphed twice (!) on stage in the Hotel Slovenija ceremonial hall in Portorož. The first Prizma award in the category of Communication Skills, Communication Tools and the Media for the adidas “From 0 to 2,864m” project in which the adidas Terrex team overcame the distance between the lowest and highest point of Slovenia in one day (the video is really worth seeing). Public Relations Society of Slovenia awarded us with the second Prizma award for successful crisis communication and preservation of the public image of a top athlete in a crisis, which we designed and executed for our skier Ilka Štuhec.

The fact that we are a smaller agency leaving a great mark is also proven by the special acknowledgment by IABC. They placed us in the prestigious set of three best small agencies from around the world.

We are now creating new communication projects with double gold (we got our first Gold Quill in 2015), occasionally looking at our award plaques with pride. While this doesn’t make our work any less demanding, it does give it more value. It is worth pursuing the goals of communication excellence through professionalism, creativity and efficiency, which is of key importance in the field of public relations, and especially with a love of communication. Our celebration is still ongoing, and so is our enthusiasm and everyday effort to show ourselves and the whole profession how to create projects none could match!


The Gold Quill Award is a communication award by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) and represents the highest standards of communication on a global scale. The Gold Quill award for excellence in communication is received only by projects that are imaginatively designed, consistently executed and leave their mark in the professional as well as the general public.

Prizma is a Slovenian national professional award by the Public Relations Society of Slovenia to Slovenian organizations for excellent communication programs in the field of public relations. It is the only such acknowledgment for Slovenian communication professionals and it not only represents communication excellence, but also confirms professionalism, knowledge, creativity and efficiency in the field of public relations profession.

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