We continue to hold the AAA credit rating excellence

It is no secret that there is fierce competition in the business world. The breakthrough into the market itself is difficult, but it is even more demanding to survive. We are proud to announce that we are also succeeding in terms of credit worthiness as we have re-acquired the AAA Excellence Rating. It is based on our financial statements for the previous financial year and predicts relative safety of doing business with us over the next twelve months.

It is in the interest of most to operate at the lowest risk level, which is often quite a challenge as wrong decisions or bad business moves can cause adverse consequences. Credit rating certificates issued by Bisnode can be of great help.

AAA represents an above-average credit rating

We at Propiar again received the AAA Excellence Rating, which represents the above-average credit rating of economic operators. This rating means reliable, credible and low risk business for all business partners. Businesses holding the credit rating excellence operate above average and have a minimum likelihood of experiencing any of the events in the next twelve months, such as bankruptcy, compulsory settlement or liquidation, the deletion of an entity from the business register, the suspension of a company’s transaction accounts.

What exactly credit excellence is?

The Bisnode Certificate of Excellence in Creditworthiness is an approved card in the business world on the above-average quality of business operations of a company. Based on current business information and data from previous years, the certificate is awarded for a period of 12 months from the date of issue. In doing so, the rating of the company is evaluated on the basis of various criteria over the longer past period and the present. Among other things, the assessment includes solvency, creditworthiness, indebtedness, profitability and various other risk criteria for cooperating with a company. The higher the credit rating excellence certificate, the more confidence a business entity enjoys in the market.

A credit rating is a strong indicator at home and around the world of where the company currently stands. Although we are aware of our position, the credit rating certificate helps other potential or existing business partners to easily recognize our advantages. The recognition allows the qualities and values ​​we believe in to be easier and broadly recognized.

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