The world of public relations is finding itself in the area of the visual, and the dividing line with marketing is becoming more and more blurred. Once a homogeneous practice of public relations is developing in two directions today – integrated marketing communication and reputation management.

This is due to the fact that organizations mostly expect profitable revenues and a strong public image from marketing services.

We at Propiar therefore combine creativity and digital knowledge on the one hand, while on the other, we focus on strategic corporate communication and relations with influential publics, which are more and more merging into a comprehensive function of reputation management.

Strategic Communication & Leadership Positioning

In the age of digital connectivity, we have witnessed a metamorphosis of a 24-hour journalism cycle into a 24-second news cycle, so the reputation of the individual and the company must always come first.

We at Propiar combine strategic corporate communication and leadership positioning into a comprehensive reputation management function. We support our clients in all situations, detect and manage potential risks or vulnerabilities, and maintain their strong public image.

Reputation building and management among key stakeholders is achieved through comprehensive communication strategies and integrated programs tailored to each individual or company, whether facing financial markets, policy makers, employees, consumers, local communities or other organizations.

Crisis Communication Management & Response Strategies

Each crisis brings distinct challenges and opportunities. Natural disaster, epidemic, restructuring of a company, injuries of stakeholders or a series of other possible crisis situations can damage a company, weaken its reputation and even prevent it from continuing to operate. All this can lead to a hostile public discourse resulting in a negative perception of the company, its products or services and the leadership team.

Understanding the magnitude of potential risks, being prepared to respond and take appropriate action are the key to successful recovering and restoring confidence.

We at Propiar develop responsive crisis management strategies for our clients. We ensure the optimal preparedness in advance and, in the event of a crisis, a rapid response that protects the company’s long-term stability as well as its ability to survive and strengthen the brand’s reputation.

Corporate & Public Affairs

Nowadays, it is basically impossible to separate corporate affairs and media relations as almost every major reputational issue contains political as well as media dimension, as the worlds are mutually reinforcing each other.

We at Propiar operate at the strategic level in the field of corporate and public affairs. We offer our clients integrated and targeted consulting in communication and help them manage issues that may affect business results. We look beyond the short-term goals, helping them to anticipate challenges, seize opportunities and manage the risks posed by the latter.

Capital Markets & Transaction Communications

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are associated with a number of challenges and changes that significantly affect further development of the company and its performance.

We at Propiar involve all the stakeholders, affected by the transaction, in M&A communication, including employees, customers, regulators, local communities and various initiatives. In close cooperation with the legal and banking advisors, we assist the client in:

– Identifying key stakeholders and potential communication opportunities and challenges
– Developing a convincing and clear story of strategic vision and value creation, which also affects the coherence of organizational cultures
– Ensuring that all corporate communication is consistent and represents a support for the client’s business objectives

We provide support and advice to our clients at all stages of the process; from initial preparations and design of information flow strategies to detailed planning of the day of publication, approval procedures and regulatory regulations, and integration upon completion.

Employee Engagement & Change Management

Leadership teams are facing increasing challenges in implementing organizational changes. We at Propiar understand that effective internal communication is key to the rapid and successful transformation of organizations and introduction of new strategies while maintaining business continuity. Internal communication is now more important than ever for the organizational culture as well as the company’s reputation and business.

Implementing and managing organizational change is demanding and requires a great deal of trust within the organization, so we put people at the heart of our systematic approach. We thus offer support to managers in their internal communication strategy related to restructuring or other changes. We help them gain their employees’ trust, navigate through challenges and remove obstacles, while ensuring clear communication of both the current situation as well as the desired goal and the path to achieve it.

Brand Strategy & Consumer Communications

Today, brand communication takes place in several areas and we manage it with our wide range of knowledge – from communicating with the media to visual and digital communication and communicating with influential individuals in the context of influencer marketing, ambassadorship and celebrity endorsement.

Thanks to our knowledge and years of experience, we at Propiar recognize all the potentials of your brand and exploit them based on a well-thought-out (both product and corporate) brand identity and communication strategy. Also, we understand all internal and external aspects, follow the latest guidelines and set new trends to reach, connect with and convince selected target groups.

We put stories at the heart of your brand communication. In narrating, we are both creative and analytical, making sure we effectively build genuine relationships with target groups using the right messages and tools on all relevant channels.

Digital & Social Media Communications

The world is becoming digital faster and faster, which means that the importance of strategic digital communication is growing unstoppably. Digital communication is indispensable as a tool for direct communication with users, and building trust and loyalty, but is also unpredictable due to the constantly changing rules of the game on these platforms.

We at Propiar approach digital communications strategically; thanks to our specialized knowledge, we are able to anticipate changes, respond to them in a timely manner and create specially adapted digital strategies based on impact. Thus, we are able to make sure for the presence on digital platforms to reflect the mission, vision and values of the company or brand.

Integrated Marketing Communications

We know all corners of our domestic media market well; together with the understanding of media consumption and years of experience in all areas of communication, it gives us a key advantage in planning and implementing a comprehensive integrated marketing communication. Based on marketing analyses, we design umbrella strategies and individual campaigns, which we manage, measure and round off with detailed evaluations.

Media Trainings & Public Speaking

Consistent delivery of messages, competent presentation of the field of work, and relaxed and confident performance both in the media and before other stakeholders is the key to building a reputation and represent an important element of the public image of every organization or individual.

With our knowledge and many years of experience, we help individuals and groups with their communication skills (business communication, communication with the media, public speaking) and personal branding (personal brand development and management).

Our individual trainings and group workshops are interactive, tailored to the client and include various methods that comprehensively upgrade the individual’s performance, communication, behaviour and thinking.

Our advantage over other providers is that we train both the form and content of the performance.

Sports Sponsorship & Strategy

A brand is a currency in sports these days. We at Propiar help our clients develop investment portfolios in sports for the purposes of brand and business growth. In doing so, we focus on launching a brand strategy and transforming sports-related assets, thereby increasing the value of the company, engagement of followers and revenue potential.

We address a wide range of branding and business development opportunities in the world of sports, develop creative strategies and implement first-class sponsorship campaigns. We offer a full range of services that include strategy, negotiation, activation, measurement, research and evaluation. Our team consists of experts in sports PR, event management, content creation, digital communication, media and sports law specialists.