2,500 tons of CO2 emissions offset in just one month

These days, OMV Slovenia is once again inviting members of its OMV Smile & Drive Loyalty Club to take part in an ongoing campaign to redeem loyalty points for offsetting the carbon emissions caused while driving vehicles.

As members of the OMV Loyalty Club, individuals can redeem any number of loyalty points for carbon offsetting, which they receive with each purchase at OMV filling stations. “For example, 30 points is enough to offset emissions from the combustion of 32 litres of fuel. For every two loyalty points that members allocate for carbon offset, OMV allocates an additional point and thus contributes to the offset of even more emissions,” said Robert Dežman, head of marketing at OMV Slovenia.

In just the first month of the campaign, which will last until the end of October, the Club’s members, together with OMV Slovenia, collected more than one million points, which is enough to offset 2,500 tons of CO2

Both companies and individuals are invited to cooperate

90 percent of OMV’s emissions are indirect, which means that they arise from the use of products produced and sold by OMV. These are emissions from driving fossil fuel vehicles. In addition to company-wide efforts to prevent and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, OMV also enables and financially supports the offset of emissions through campaigns aimed at end users. 

The current campaigns of OMV Slovenia are aimed at members of the OMV Smile & Drive Loyalty Club but also at business users through the OMV ClimateNeutral card. OMV has joined forces with ClimatePartner, one of the leading providers of solutions in the field of atmospheric protection. This year, they have chosen a verified project of the Sveti Nikola wind farm field in Bulgaria for the members of the OMV Smile & Drive club to offset emissions, which annually saves the amount of as much as 300,000 tons of CO2. For easier understanding: this corresponds to the carbon footprint of a car that travels 932 million kilometres.  The annual carbon footprint of the average EU27- citizen is 8,4 tons of CO2 (Slovenia is on the average of EU27).*

More information: https://www.omv.si/sl-si/bencinski-servisi/goriva/kako-lahko-izravnam-izpuste-co2

*Source: ClimatePartner

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