A ton and a half of food for animals in need

The work of non-profit organizations taking care of abandoned animals is often dependent on donations, so SPAR organized a “Happy Tails, Honest Smiles” charity campaign for the seventh year in a row to point out the importance of a proper attitude towards small animals and pets. With the help of the company’s suppliers, SPAR Slovenija collected 1,500kg of food and 1,200 treats and accessories, and donate them to six non-profit organizations from all over Slovenia.

Animals have always been recognized for their many positive effects on human well-being, which is why pets have a special place in our lives. Unfortunately, many of them are left homeless, left to the mercy of volunteers who care for abandoned animals within associations and other forms of organized assistance. As a socially responsible company, SPAR Slovenija organized a “Happy Tails, Honest Smiles” charity campaign for the seventh year in a row and made donations to organizations providing care for abandoned pets while they wait for a new home.

SPAR has collected as much as 1,500kg of food and a number of accessories, and distributed them among six associations:A Heart for Bulls Society (Društvo Srce za bulle), the Animal Protection Society of Novo mesto, the Animal Protection Society of Maribor, the Animal Protection Society of Kočevje, the Greyhound World Society of Slovenia (Društvo Hrtji svet Slovenije) andCoastal shelter (Obalno zavetišče).As the campaign’s objective – besides the charity note – was to raise awareness of the responsible care for pets, SPAR included its Facebook followers. They voted for an organization they would donate to and A Heart for Bulls Society received the most votes. Their representative Simon Mihoričemphasized at a donation handover: “We have to be aware that when animals come into our home, we do not become their owners, but their caregivers. We too often forget that animals are living beings and not toys we can throw away when we get tired of them. Our organization focuses primarily on helping dogs of those breeds that are unjustifiably classified as dangerous, but we also care for abandoned cats. We ensure care for about 700 abandoned or otherwise abused dogs a year, and in the last two months, we helped as many as 150 abandoned cats. We were so happy about SPAR’s donation as our organization relies on volunteers and charity. We are very pleased that even large companies such as SPAR Slovenija recognize the importance of having a proper attitude towards our loyal companions.”

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