Coffee and fruit bar for our true heroes

OMV Slovenia is offering free VIVA Café coffee to go and VIVA fruit bars to all exposed occupations by the end of April. OMV service stations are operating throughout Slovenia also in the time of the epidemic and provide energy supplies in the Slovenian market.

By the end of April, OMV Slovenija expresses its gratitude with the VIVA Café coffee to go and a VIVA fruit bar to all the representatives of the most exposed professions. Doctors, paramedics, medical personnel, police officers, firefighters, civil protection workers and others need a service card, business card, uniform or other certification to receive their free coffee and a fruit bar.

“The emergence of the epidemic has put us in an unknown position, but we’re in it together. That is why we need to help and support each other even more. A small refreshment and a beverage at our service stations, which continue to operate and provide energy supplies throughout Slovenia, are the least we can do in the given circumstances for all those who do the most exposed and key professions at this time,” says Vanja Lombar, General Manager of OMV Slovenia.

More information on possible changes in opening hours of our service stations and other guidelines for visiting a service station during the coronavirus epidemic is available at:  

Tilen Lamut


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