Internet speeds that are spoiling us

Can we even imagine a life without the Internet? It seems at first sight that – when the access to online content is disrupted – we are deprived of basic needs. The development of digital technologies is progressing faster, so the operators are the ones who need to keep pace with the era or even get ahead of it. According to the trends, they will have to provide us with appropriate support in the use of innovations such as smart homes, smart cities, smart TVs, etc.

A high-quality use of existing technologies and technologies of the future is based on the appropriate infrastructure. This means a powerful Internet network. It depends on this network how fast the connections in our home are. Despite the fact that every user can choose the one that best suits his / her needs, his / her expectations and demands are increasing. In order to provide a more user-friendly experience for the fixed users, Telemach has been developing its fastest network in recent years by making several million euros of investments.

This is the largest GIGA network in Slovenia since Telemach already secured Internet speeds of up to 1Gbps last year. Internet speeds of 1Gbps can already be provided at more than 80 percent of their network. Now, they have also increased the speeds we get in their fixed EON packages. They reach up to 500Mbps, which was hard to imagine not so long ago. In addition to higher speeds, the GIGA network also provides with state-of-the-art functionalities, such as 7-day lookback option for all programs, over 14,000 Video Club contents, 4K high-definition programs, etc.

The secret of a fast Internet

Fast Internet is ensured by the fixed network and its branching all over Slovenia, bringing the connection straight to your home. “We invest tens of millions of euro annually in the network development, so today we are proud of the most advanced and technologically fine GIGA network. A new generation network! This gives us an important advantage over our competition as we are able to offer the gigabit speed of the Internet at 80% of our network, which provides our users with exceptional speed, network stability and enables the use of technologies of the future. In the upcoming months, we expect an accelerated expansion of the coverage and we strive to enable 1Gbps of Internet speed for every Slovenian home,”says Adrian Ježina, CEO of Telemach. In addition to financial investments, Telemach was recently changing older equipment for its users free of charge and by changing the digital and analogue program positions, they freed-up the frequencies that can now be used to provide higher Internet speeds. More than three quarters of Telemach’s network allow GIGA speeds Internet, which means that the infrastructure for upcoming smart solutions is in place.

High speeds, low prices

Despite the upgrade, the prices of Telemach’s three packages – EON Premium, EON Full and EON Light remain the same. In EON Premium, the 300Mbps Internet speed is increased to 500Mbps, EON Full brings 250Mbps instead of 150Mbps and EON Light has100Mbps instead of 75Mbps.“We differ from other services offered in the Slovenian market, and this works on the basis of a mature technology and associated services. Research shows that users want formed packages and above all appreciate the transparency and inclusion of several services at a favourable price, without any surprises after subscribing. And this is what we offer in our packages. When our users choose their package, they know exactly what they get. We gain their trust with top-notch services,” says Ditka Maučec, a member of Telemach’s management, responsible for marketing and product development, and continues: “Due to our GIGA network, we set trends and development, look into the future of communication and bring user friendly services offer to our users’ homes andwithin their reach. Almost unimaginable speeds of the Internet are now at hand at Telemach. In addition, the EON platform opens an unlimited space for all generations’ fun. More than 14,000 contents on demand in the Video Club, a 7-day lookback on all programs, EON Box that transforms every TV into a smart TV, and – together with the highest speeds of the Internet – we in fact in one place combine the contents, which are our users’ favourite and are viewed most often by them.”

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