Results of AKOS report: Who is gaining the most?

The final quarter of the previous year did not bring any major variations of the already known trends in the telecommunications market.

Telemach continues to be the fastest growing mobile operator in the Slovenian market and is the only one that recorded an increase in the market share in mobile services at the annual level. In the final quarter of the last year, it achieved a 0.5% growth in the market share, which now stands at 21.2%. The latest report by the Agency for Communication Networks and Services (AKOS; Agencija za komunikacijska omrežja in storitve) also points to the significant increase in Telemach’s market share in the area of ​​television, Internet and VoIP telephony.

“The prerequisite for our market share growth is the awareness that customers are only interested in the best services supported by superior infrastructure, all of it also being affordable. We have a clear vision and plans, realizing them month by month through investments in the network and rich package offer,”Telemach CEO Adrian Ježina comments the quarterly results.

Growth also in television, Internet and VoIP telephony

According to AKOS, Telemach significantly increased its market share in TV services, Internet and VoIP telephony in the past year compared to 2017, due to both organic growth and the acquisition and successful integration of Teleing. Compared to the competitive providers, Telemach’s position in the market regarding television services has been improved with a 1.7% growth.

Regarding providing Internet services, Telemach was the only one to increase its market share by more than 1% last year. A 1.7% growth in 2018 brings the company a 27.3% market share. “The provision of Internet services is nowadays the basis. We are upgrading our GIGA network, which already offers Internet speeds up to 1GB/s in certain parts of Slovenia. We are striving to make this possible for the entire population of Slovenia,” Adrian Ježina points out. In the area of ​​VoIP telephony, Telemach also increased its market share in the Slovenian market. After an increase of 2% over the past year, it now stands at 32.1%.

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