Spar Slovenia for families in need

For the eighth year in a row, Spar Slovenia joined forces with Anina zvezdica charity organization in a holiday campaign to make December holidays more pleasant for families in need. As part of the “Podaj svojo dlan” campaign, Spar donated € 7,500 and 100 toys of suppliers to Anina zvezdica fund, thus enabling the little hopefuls to feel a December atmosphere.

In December, when we are enjoying a home atmosphere and feeling happy in the company of our loved ones, we must not forget those who are missing the warmth of home and holiday experiences due to various life circumstances. In order to encourage solidarity and interconnection, Spar organized a traditional “Podaj svojo dlan” campaign again, which aims to help the families that are not as lucky and they feel that especially in the time of holidays and gift-giving.

The campaign was organized throughout December in the form of collecting food with a longer shelf life, which was handed over to families in need later on. At this point, Spar would like to thank everyone who contributed their pebble in the mosaic of charity and contributed food into one of the marked Anina zvezdica’s carts located in SPAR, INTERSPAR and SPAR partner stores.

Project initiator Ana Lukner Roljič said about the campaign: “When the lights are turned on in the cities and December full of holiday spirit starts for us, we must be aware that there are individuals and families among us who are in need and can’t really enjoy all that. The “Podaj svojo dlan” campaign aims to spread the holiday spirit among all people, including those who are struggling hard every day to get through. For the eighth year in a row, SPAR Slovenia has also been participating in the campaign, which makes me very happy as it helps us to make many families happy and make their holidays more pleasant.

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